Perch Rock - October 2015

Yesterday I was feeling a little bit of cabin fever and desperately wanted to get out and take some photos. I headed out to New Brighton as I was limited on time and it always seems to throw up a couple of nice surprises.

It was WINDY to say the least... See the video below, this will give you some idea. I love how the sand gets picked up though and creates the amazing effect. This was something I wanted to try and capture in a photo.

Here are the results from this setup. Lucky I had a big heavy tripod and some good cold weather gear on.

This photo was taken with a Nikon D800, 24-70 2.8 - 0.8 Seconds, f18, ISO50 

This photo was taken with a Nikon D800, 24-70 2.8 - 0.8 Seconds, f18, ISO50 

Once my camera and I had taken enough of the relentless wind I headed a bit closer to the lighthouse and tried to take an image of the lighthouse with the weather closing in and the sun dropping. Not sure if I prefer the colour version or the black and white one. What do you think?

Cwm Idwal, Snow, Helicopters and a Dog Called Cathy

Today I ventured back to the superb Cwm Idwal, again it did not disappoint. I wanted to take my little lad out to get some good fresh air into his lungs and start to develop a love for the great outdoors. The weather was freezing but that wasn't going to put us off.

Click picture for larger view - RAF Search and Rescue arrive into Cwm Idwal

The trip started in a spectacular fashion with RAF Valley Search and Rescue coming down the valley past Llyn Ogwen and manoeuvring into a clearing to drop off several members of the NEWSAR team.

They didn't just do this once, they did it about 3-4 times providing plenty of opportunities to grab a good shot.

With the Search and Rescue about to undertake some significant changes this could well be a very rare opportunity to watch them doing what they do best.

Following on from the helicopter show!! A flurry of snow arrived coating the ground with a light covering of fresh snow that was enjoyed by everyone, including a camera shy dog called Cathy!! (if the owner of Cathy sees this then please contact me and I will arrange to provide you with a copy of this picture). What a beautiful dog.

Click for larger view - Cathy the Camera shy dog enjoying the wintery walk on a Sunday morning.

In-between snow showers there were moments of calm that once again introduced another look to the place all over again. Remind me again why I love this place!!!!

Finally note to self (any any other parents considering this trip) allowing your son to make snowballs whilst wearing woollen gloves is not a good idea.

This results in wet cold hands and a child inheriting a nice walm dry pair of gloves!!