Squarespace Adventure

So my SquareSpace adventure is now well and truly on its way.

I have spent the last few hours porting across images that I want to display within my galleries and I have to say that importing them is 'Childs play'. I have now got a website that would have taken me weeks to have produced many years ago.

So what do I plan to do with this?

Well for a long time I have wanted to start taking my photography more seriously. I have had more than a vague interest in photography for probably 6-8 years although with family/work taking over every minute of the day it has been hard to dedicate the time that I have needed to in order to progress.

2014 spells a change to this. Of course I will always be making time for the family, and work is a necessary evil, however in the meantime I want to ensure that my photography goes from strength to strength, and to ensure that I have some online presence.

My typical photography is landscape however with limited time available the unpredictable weather conditions in the UK really make this a challenge. I am therefore going to work on establishing myself as a 'pretty good' portrait photographer.

The impact of studio shot photographs has mesmerised me for a long time and now it times to jump in with both feet. Whilst maintaining a good flow of landscape focused photography you will hopefully see that my focus shifts to creating beautiful portrait images of people, out and about and in a studio.

Bring it on 2014… I'm ready to tackle you….