George - Paphos

Recently whilst on holiday, I sat drinking my fresh orange juice (no really) watching the world go by, I spotted this lifeguard with the coolest beard ever. To all the hipsters around London, and New York. This is what you call a beard.

It is always quite daunting asking a complete stranger if you can take their photograph as you really have no idea how they might react. So I asked the girl behind the bar what she thought he would say. She quickly responded with, why not ask his wife, and pointed to the lady sat next to me! Slightly embarrassing. Nevertheless the lady laughed and did all the awkward work for me. George turned out to be as cool as his beard and was more than happy to have his photograph taken.

Here are the results. One of my favourite portrait photographs I have ever taken I think, due to the circumstance and the fact that this is a complete stranger.

Thanks George