A Creative Weekend - Part One

It is very rare indeed that I have a weekend completely free, and child-free one at that..

However, a couple of weekends ago I had exactly that and wanted to really make the most of it by getting out and doing some photography. My plans started big, the Isle of Skye maybe. I then realised that I would spend most of the weekend travelling, and I needed to put much more thought into going somewhere like that to be able to make the most of it. Definitely on the Photography bucket list though.

Gradually as the date came closer, my plans became much more realistic. A trip to Liverpool or Manchester following work on the Friday, and a trip out somewhere in Wales on the Saturday.

I settled with Liverpool on the Friday night (for simplicity, and familiarity) and possibly Lanwddyn Island (Anglesey) on the Saturday.

For quite a while I have had a Lee Big Stopper waiting to be used. rational behind heading out to Liverpool on a Friday night was that there should be at least one shot that I could try with the Big Stopper. I had one exact image in mind.

`The Big Stopper was actually very easy to use, and in my opinion far easier than needing to screw/unscrew a filter for every shot. Exposure times could be calculated using either a smart phone app, or using a calculation card. I was too impatient for both of these approaches however, and jumped straight in calculating the exposure with more of a trial and error approach. 

The result(s) I am really happy with. The slow exposure effect is subtle, but most definitely there. What pleased me most though is the sharpness. This was taken using the 24-70, 2.8 and again proves why this particular lens is a favourite for so many situations.

This shot was taken with the following settings: Focal Length 24mm, ISO100, f/16, 88Seconds. 

Tell me, is the effect subtle, but effective enough?

Click for large image.

I wandered around the Pier Head area for an hour or so before I wandered over to the Albert Dock area.

Click for large image.

As the sun dips sunset produces long shadows. Look out for these. They can sometime be pretty interesting. Click for large image.

The final batch of images produced one of my most pleasing images. An image of the Albert Dock. The slow moving clouds coupled with the smooth water is what I like about this image. In particular I love the reflection on the building in the centre of the image. You can see the red sky reflecting off the building.

Click for large image.

I don't usually include links but understand that there could be some people out there that want to recreate the effects. Equipment used on this particular outing was all purchased from Amazon.

Part Two of my Creative Weekend will follow.....

Watch this space. I am on a blogging role.