Adventures in Portrait Flash (Part One)

Following on from my little shopping trip to Calumet Manchester, I needed some trusty volunteers for some portrait images. Obviously family can never say no (especially when they are only 4 months old), so they were the first guinea pigs.

I had two attempts to get used to the equipment that I had bought. Unfortunately the first session was a bit of a wash out and I have been forbidden from posting any of the photographs on here! And that certainly includes the one of me.

With the wrong lighting, and very few hours sleep flash can be quite cruel.

I had to ask Kerry (my wife) if I really looked like that...

Anyway, today has been a little bit more successful although I am really kicking myself for not getting a second flash whilst at Calumet. That is certainly one of the next items on the list.

I was 'quite' happy with how these turned out, primarily using the Calumet Hex 21 Speedbox, with a bounce reflector to the side (silver/white side). The thing that I am not happy with though is the light fall to the back of the subject. The wall behind is actually painted white however due to the short distance of the flash coverage, in these pictures the wall has taken on more of a grey look. If anyone has any suggestions on how to avoid this, without having a)seamless paper background b) a second flash (as a backlight) then please let me know. The only thing that I could think of would have been to move the subjects closer to the wall, but due to the limited space that I was using this wasn't really possible.

Anyway there not the worst photographs ever taken they're just not quite what I wanted, back to the drawing board.

To Be Continued…...

Any volunteers that would like a portrait photograph taken please leave a comment. I am happy to practice on anyone!!