Week 03 / 2014 - Inspirational Links

Each week I am going to link to some of my favourite images that I have seen on the web, or give credit to some great Flickr/500px contacts that are really producing amazing results.

This week, artistic trespassing, Iceland, Magical Family Photographs, GTA War Photographer, and Dakar 2014.

Explore Everything

Bradley Garret is and explorer/photographer who has made his way into many buildings/hidden tunnels/disused tube stations and created amazing images of them. 




Rebekka Guðleifsdóttir

If you are on flickr and you aren't following Rebekka yet you are doing yourself a disservice. Located in Iceland certainly has some major benefits for a photographer but that is only half of what makes her images amazing.

I have been following her on flickr for a long time and whilst she is not a serial poster, what she does post is always exceptional.


Elena Shumilova


Recently featured in numerous articles/blogs etc. These photographs are just gorgeous.

Grand Theft Auto War Photography

A bit different this one....


Proving that photographs can be produced anywhere reddit user cy_sperling has decided to use the online Mutiplayer mode in Grand Theft Auto to produce some really cool images.


Photograph by cy_sperling on reddit
Media Lens Crew Page @ Rockstar Games Social Club

Dakar Rally 2014


As ever The Big Boston cover this event with some outstanding photographs.